Vanea Atwood is Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapist and a Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation.

She qualified in the UK and after 5 years working in major teaching hospitals in London, she moved to Sydney to work in private practise and have a family. Vanea has over twenty years of experience in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders with particular interest and expertise in:

Pelvic Floor assessment, treatment, education and re-training.

She continues to update her professional education in Women’s health attending physiotherapy courses on pre-natal physiotherapy, pelvic floor research updates, use of real time ultrasound to identify and re-train ‘stability’ muscles and attendance at ‘fitness industry’ conferences.

She lectures to Pilates teachers, local GP’s and physio’s and is currently working with Sally to help improve ‘Pelvic Floor safe’ exercise for women.

Her areas of clinical interest

Women's Health:
- treatment of musculo-skeletal problems associated with ageing
- menopausal changes impacting on your muscles and bones
- Osteoporosis - individual exercise advice and group programs
- specific treatments related to pelvic floor problems
- stress urinary incontinence
- urinary frequency and urgency
- back pain
Pilates based exercise programs
Back pain assessment and treatment in a functional 'core stability' framework
Pre-natal treatment and exercise:
- early intervention and advice for your changing shape
- specific guidance on safe exercise levels for you
- treatment of any pelvic instability and/or pain
- exercises to guide you through your labour
- Pilates for pregnancy
Post-natal treatment and exercise:
- post-natal check-up 2-6 weeks after delivery
- treatment and advice on breast care and mastitis
- care, support education and advice on perineal trauma
- treatment of any associated bladder or bowel dysfunction
- individual and group exercise specific to your mode of delivery

She combines her ‘hands on’ skills with a comprehensive approach to graduated exercise for women of all ages and has a dedicated “women’s health” clinical work load at:

Sports Focus Physiotherapy NORTHBRIDGE 99588986